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Herpes Pain

What is Herpes Pain/Herpetic Neuralgia?

Herpes Pain is predominately a neuropathic pain (burning, stabbing, pain to touch, spontaneous intense pain) which is experienced during or after herpes zoster infection.


How to Identify Herpes Pain/Herpetic Neuralgia?

Sharp, Burning, stabbing pain during or post herpes zoster infection localised on the one half of the body i.e. involving either one arm, one thigh, one leg or one side of the back/chest which doesn’t involve the other side of the chest/back.


What is the Common age group affected?

Elderly population with low immunity (Diabetes, Cancer, Bed Ridden, TV) and previous history of chicken pox.


What is post Herpetic Neuralgia?

It is the pain experienced by the patient even after the resolution of eruptions and skin lesions. This pain is usually felt over the areas of skin lesions.


It is treatable?

Yes! We can control the severity of the pain with some medications. If medications are not helpful, it can be treated with Radiofrequency procedure. At IPSC we have advanced technology available to perform such procedures in our modular setup.

These procedures can be performed as day care and do not require general anesthesia and hospital admission