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ACL Tear

ACL Tear : ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is a strong band of tissue inside your knee joint which provides translatory and rotatory stability to the joint. ACL tear is a very common sports injury, occurring due to twisting or sudden change in direction of knee.



Patient may hear a pop or give away feel when ACL injury occurs. Patient complains of Instability, decreased confidence or pain in knee joint on weight bearing. Clinical tests show signs of instability.



X- Ray: – X- Ray of knee joint should be done to rule out any bony fracture/ avulsion of ACL attachment.

MRI:- MRI is the investigation of choice to look for degree of ACL tear and associated injuries like cartilage damage/meniscus tear.


Treatment:- Follow the RICE model immediately after Injury to decrease swelling and pain





Your doctor will prescribe analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs



Once acute stage is over, treatment depends on age, symptoms and activity level.


Physcial Therapy :-

Patients with relatively low demand activities and lesser symptoms are managed with exercises to strength the muscles and increase range of motion.



Your doctor may prescribe you surgery depending on various factors.



Although there is no cut off age but surgery is generally not done after 50 -55 years of age.

Activity Level:

Athletes, sportsmen and people with high activity level are candidates for surgery


If you have frank symptoms/signs of instability or not responding to physical therapy ,surgical intervention is better.


Once surgery is decided, Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction is done. Arthroscopy (Key-hole surgery) is minimally invasive with less pain, less bleeding , minimal tissue damage and early return to activity.