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Regenerative Medicine treatment

Traditional methods of managing degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis and tendinopathies with pain killers and steroid injections, has raised serious concerns.

Similarly, for the sports injuries ranging from tendinopathy and muscle tears to ligament and chondral injuries, traditional methods have failed to give long term solutions.

Regenerative interventions for degenerative spine and joints conditions and Sports injuries not only helps in reducing pain but also helps in repair the damaged tissue.

Our own specialized cells divide, and each new cell can become another specialized cell, allowing to continue dividing and replace and repair dead and damaged cells.

Most common diseases where we use PRP
Osteoarthritis of Joints
Lateral epicondylitis
Ligament and muscle strains
Tears of the rotator cuff,
Tears of anterior cruciate ligament-ACL
Achilles tendon injuries

Used properly and administered by qualified professionals, regenerative interventions are proving safe and effective after treatment of many patients.

Selection of the cases is the key for the success of these regenerative therapies. Our physicians are trained and qualified enough to select cases and offer this modality of treatment.

We perform all the procedures under ultrasound guidance or fluoroscopic guidance. Ultrasound helps us in visualising the damaged tissues and we deposit the cells, right at the site of injury.

Tissue repair takes 4-6 weeks’ time. Usually the resting pain and the pain on movements goes down first. This also is an indication of tissue repair. The strengthening of the repaired tissue takes another 4-8 weeks’ time depending on the site of injury and level of injury.

Regenerative interventions helps in the repair of the damaged cartilage by covering the damaged area with fibrous tissue. Normal cartilage formation is far from realty as of now. Our scientists are working on it and these therapies are still experimental.